Video Mapping

The following are the artists and studios selected for the 2018 inaugural Borealis video mapping competition:


SKGMEDIA (Shanghai SKGMEDIA Film Culture Co.,Ltd.) is created by Gong Zhen and Bao Ruoyun, registered in Shanghai & Hong Kong. We build a very young, creative, artistic design studio which focus on different formats of new media art, especially 3d video mapping and interactive mapping.

We have won three-time awards in international mapping competitions, held six-time mapping classes, one-time mapping exhibition show, also finished more than 30 commercial mapping works around the world. We love mapping.



Sila Sveta, which translates as ‘Power of Light’, is an interactive media, turnkey production and conceptual design company based in Moscow and Los Angeles. Committed to transcend the existing possibilities of digital media Sila Sveta aims to create immersive experiences that ‘bring magic into the world’.

The studio is engaged in the development and implementation of creative concepts, interactive installations, event and art projects, production of multimedia content and bespoke software development. Sila Sveta is a provider of professional technical solutions related to projection systems, lighting equipment and immersive visualization.

Their portfolio includes immersive experiences, virtual reality shows, 3D projection mapping on landmark buildings, stage design for concerts and music festivals including Coachella, and grand museum installations, such as ‘Mission Mars’ for Space Centre Houston. They use their high-end technologies to turn dance performances into the dreamiest spectacles (‘America’s Got Talent’ in 2016 or award-winning ‘Levitation’ piece).

The studio also operates in a number of other directions, constantly elaborating new ways of using light, and collaborates with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Audi, BMW, Panasonic, Samsung, Lamborghini.


George Berlin, US

George Berlin loves to play!

And he gets to play all day, every day- designing brightly colored fun interactive projections that deliver delight and wonder, animating silly monsters, creating interactive furniture, painting elaborate worlds all over cars, and illustrating great stuff for commercial clients all over.

His whimsical works have delighted huge crowds at light festivals around the U.S. including a huge pixelated heart at Ingenuity Cleveland 2015, 40 feet of light cubes controlled by drums at MS Light 2016 in Jackson MS, and multiple street activations in Chicago. His animations for Paint Roller Remix- a live interactive with magic rollers that remixed classic paintings into candy-colored cartoons- were a huge hit with the 1 million guests at BLINK Cincinnati in 2017.

George loves to find intricate and unusual ways to play with geometric surfaces and tell stories with light that happily dances to the music.

In 2015, he was chosen as a featured artist for Chicago Artists Month- one of just 20 from the entire city of millions- for his interactive installation “My City, Your City: A Photo Mashup” which used a colorful tapestry of images submitted live from people all over Chicago to paint a picture of how we’re all connected, no matter who we are.

You can also enjoy his award-winning interactive exhibits as a featured part of the Chicago History Museum and the DuPage Children’s Museum.

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FLIGHTGRAF is Audio-Visual Label based in Tokyo and in Hamburg.

Since 2013, we have been producing installation artworks by making full use of pictures, sound, and light.

Our team consists of two members: Kento Tomiyoshi, who is the director and design-visual artist, and Makoto Shozu, who is the sound designer.


Ouchhh, TURKEY

Ouchhh is a creative new media studio with expertise in AI, data paintings, data sculpture and public art. The studio integrates art, science, and technology in every work they create.

Ouchhh has an office in Istanbul, and partnerships in L.A., Vienna, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin and consider themselves to be a multidisciplinary creative hub focused on interactive new media platforms, kinetic sculptures, immersive experiences, offering direction, art direction and producing video mapping projections.

Ouchhh considers each project as a challenge and takes a fresh and unique approach to all their work. The studio worked with many brands such as Google, Cern, Nike, Wired, their collaborators transcend all industries and all continents. Their works have received multiple accolades and awards in the international arena. Ouchhh has been featured at Ars Electronica 4 times and will be attending for the 5th time this year.

They became Istanbul’s first new media agency to win Reddot design awards, German Design Award, 10th Annual IDA Awards (The International Design Awards) and ADC Awards ( The Art Directors Club), in addition to an Honorable Mention from the City University of Hong Kong.


AKASHA Visualstation, Slovakia

Akasha is a video art studio from Slovakia. We have been together for over 8th years now.

Meanwhile, we have done a lot of projects not just in Slovakia, but also all around the world. We love to make stage design and classic 3D mapping on buildings. Our specification are visual effects in physical theatre. We gets inspiration from living nature. Video-art or 3D mapping is an amazing way, how to tell a big audience how you really feel and think.

Instagram: www.instagram/akasha_visualstation