BOREALIS, A Festival of Light, is a celebration of technology and art.

October 7-11, 2020, BOREALIS, A Festival of Light, is returning to South Lake Union and MOHAI and is expanding to new neighborhoods offering exciting Light Art Feature displays and installations.

At the event, attendees will walk and enjoy the entertaining and interactive light displays from local and international light artists. They will be able to enjoy a meal at the event food trucks, quench their thirst at festival beer and wine gardens, and enjoy live music from local bands on the main stage.

The festival is walkable, free, and open to the public.

Six worldwide winners will compete to showcase their technology and art each night at MOHAI. MOHAI will come to life as a dozen different projectors turn the building into a moving light show in sequence with sound.

In 2018, BOREALIS, A Festival of Light, attracting 150,000 attendees over the four-day event, attendees reserved their free tickets online, selling out the first-time event in days.


BOREALIS, A Festival of Light, creates a unique environment experience that attracts attention through a wonderful-out-of-this-world illusion that blends your message into a creative new dimension of light and sound that will awe audiences and generates the impact you desire.

BOREALIS Light Art exhibits and installations attract people to your location, providing your company a canvas for expression and creative storytelling. BOREALIS will work with your team, the artists, to create the ideal platform.

Opportunities range from large to small sponsorships and hosting Light Art displays and exhibits, artist meet and greet, and other artistic events.


BOREALIS Festival of Light is forging new education opportunities for students of all ages to get hands-on experience on how to learn about light art.

Opportunities range from having students create light art in the classroom. BOREALIS will showcase the student’s creativity during the festival. Other opportunities include receptions and discussions.

Contact us; we would love to talk with you.