BOREALIS Festival of Light is new, an exciting and stimulating blending of Art and Technology, combining breathtaking visual, moving music and sound, from the finest digital artist and creative minds from all over the world. The breathtaking, awe-inspiring visions are a wonderfully uplifting experience for audiences of all ages.

For the past 15 years, Light Festivals have become major annual attractions in Europe and Asia, attracting millions of attendees and stimulating tens of millions of tourism dollars for the hosting cites.

The festivals have come to the United States over the last few years, electrifying audiences in almost a dozen festivals in the U.S. Cities, like Baltimore and Cincinnati, are a few examples of cities realizing significant return on investment, stimulating millions of tourism and tax dollars during the offseason.

The media support and community involvement bring together diverse audiences from the art and tech world, families from all over Washington State, from Vancouver BC to Portland, Oregon, and beyond.

Light Festival art draws people to a destination, creates a new canvas for expression, and opens new opportunities for creative storytelling for artists, companies, and brands.

We can create a unique environment experience that will attract attention through a wonderful-out-of-this-world illusion that will blend your branding message into a creative new dimension of light and sound that will awe audiences and generates the impact you desire.

Living Art Installations transform a temporary environment into an ethereal structure of light, color, and animation. Projection mapping draws people to your location, a new canvas for expression, and new opportunities for creative storytelling.

Other opportunities range from sponsorships, large and small, and hosting artists and artistic events.

The BOREALIS Festival of Light experience unites communities, attracting the finest digital artist and creative minds locally and from all over the world.

The Festival brings together a diverse group of attendees from every facet of life, the smiles, the sound of the oohs and ahhs, seeing them share their discoveries and tips of what to see next is truly amazing.

BOREALIS Festival of Light is forging new education opportunities for students of all ages to get hands-on experience on how to learn about light art.

Opportunities range from having students create light art in the classroom, from competitions to create light art where the winner’s creativity will be shown at the BOREALIS Festival of Light. Other opportunities include receptions and discussions.

INSPIRE, EDUCATE, and EMPOWER the creation of new, experiential, and exploratory art forms.

Connect audiences of all ages to the arts and stimulate interest in the limitless possibilities of technology, science, and creativity.

We believe that working across disciplines and media is the best way to represent our complex world. Art should evolve alongside science, culture, and technology and offer new visions and new forms that are reflective of our times.

Innovation drives the BOREALIS Festival of Light as a new cultural catalyst for creativity. We are on the cutting edge of Light art in North America, and the world is ready to join us. instanThis festival is unique because it showcases an international video projection mapping competition, which features some of the best and brightest designers in the industry. The primary focus of the festival is projection mapping, but it also draws inspiration from lighting art across cinema, photography, theater, sculpture, and lighting design

The international light art community recognized the BOREALIS Festival of Light after our first year as an international, cutting edge event that showcased innovation and creativity. This recognition turned into the BOREALIS Festival of Light becoming a gateway for artists to compete in the iMapp Festival in Bucharest Romania for the world’s largest projection mapping competition. The wining BOREALIS Festival of Light artist is invited to compete at iMapp.