Light Art Installations

In 2018, The Borealis Light Arts Collective presented an exhibit of light installations inspired by the theme of Transformation. The work was featured in a self guided walking tour through the South Lake Union neighborhood. Projects come from a rich mix of creative communities including Visual Arts, Theatrical Arts, and Lighting Design.

The theme of transformation was interpreted broadly and navigated a wide mix of approach and concept.  Several of the works are interactive and meld the worlds of art and technology. Patchy Projects Paint Roller Remix is a magical approach that gives the viewer the power to shift imagery. Dark Design uses simple light technology to transform and meld the physical characteristics between two participant’s faces. Other work traverses Sparklab’s whimsical googly eyed trees to the nervous interaction of Sena Clara Crestón’s human scale flowers, to the challenging cultural imagery in David W. Halsell’s Caging the Colors. The walking tour includes Maja Petric’s installation at MadART (a Borealis Cultural Partner) and several Shunpike windows that feature lighting as an integral component in the work.  

Mary Coss, Curator

2018 Participating Artists

BOREALIS Light Art Collective

Abigail Maxey, Geode

AJ Epstein, Westlake Stethoscope

Andy Behrle, Immemorial

Brian Brush, Liberation of the Anti-Spectacle

Amber Thimmesch, Rebecca Traffanstedt, and Erica Cartwright, You are Me

David W. Halsell, Caging the Colors

Elise Koncsek, Beacons

Graypants, SLU Transformation Cloud

Janet Galore, Rock Garden

Jeff Mihalyo and Rob Zverina, Reel Moments
Beard Video

Jeremy Viny, Lucy Copper & Duminda Aluthgamage, Reflection off of Monolith-5

Kenneth Roepe, Elemental

LMNts, I Am Here
(Project team: Plamena Milusheva, Scott Crawford, Chris Savage)

Mike Monroe, Ghosts of Light

Nichole Rathburn, Sprout

Nicole Kistler, Illuminated Ghost

Patchy Projects, Paint Roller Remix

Scott Keva James, Cohabit

Sena Clara Creston, The Plastic Garden

Spacefiller, X

SparkLab – Susannah Scott and CJ Brockway, Counting on You
Special thanks to sponsors: LEDlinear, Wattstopper Legrand, and Pharos.

SparkLab –  CJ Brockway with guest artist Dave MisneTalkin About Traffic
Special thanks to sponsor: Hollywood Lights.

Suzanne Tidwell, Vinca Vine

Todd Lawson, Shape of Mist

Cultural Partners


Maja Petric, We Are All Made of Light

Shunpike Storefronts Seattle

Graham Murtough, Resisting Development/ Resisting Ruin

June Sekiguchi, Water Flow

Joy Hagen, Variations on a Theme

Winston Wächter Fine Art

Annika Newell, BulbRoom216