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Get the BOREALIS Augmented Reality map on your phone to explore the Light Art Installation walking tour!


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festivAR is an app for viewing Augmented Reality festival information on your phone or tablet. It was created to allow festival promoters to present Augmented Reality maps connected to festival data without expensive or delicate equipment. In addition to displaying the maps and data, an in-app camera shutter button allows you to capture them to your camera roll!

First, download the App:

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Or scan the QR code:

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Then, download the printable map:

BOREALIS Walking tour AR map





To view the 3D content, you will need this target to triggers the Augmented Reality map.

After launching the app, select the BOREALIS festival, and then aim your phone’s camera at the target. An Augmented Reality model will appear on your screen, together with identifying information at the bottom of the screen, accompanied by brief instructions.

All of the bright spots on the map indicate art installation. Touch these to get information about the artwork and the artist.

For more information about parking locations, tap the P icons on the map.

You can move around the target image or rotate your device, etc., in order to see the 3D model from additional angles. Feel free to look around!




Augmented reality is magic, and we are the magicians.


We create augmented reality experiences that dazzles and amazes audiences everywhere, everywhere, providing an enhanced delivery a variety of content types, creating a connection with the viewer beyond what is normally possible on the printed page or the computer screen.

With broad experience in all sides of the software industry, our team takes the project from inception to completion with our expertise in conceptualization, design, development, implementation, and deployment.

Founded in 2017, we have already worked across numerous industries from art galleries and museums to manufacturers to festival operators. Our content has ranged from educational to entertaining.



festivAR employs an interactive 3D map as the core of the augmented reality experience in this location-based app.

Developed to support multi-venue events with scheduled events or activities, festivAR presents a 3D view of the festival environment with the various venues and activities highlighted and interactive.

After scanning the festival target, which can be a poster, logo, or other graphic device dispersed through the festival grounds and/or on printed materials (even t-shirts!), a you-are-here indicator locates you within the festival grounds, so that you can quickly locate what’s around you. The 3D nature of the AR map helps you understand your environment much more quickly than a traditional map, and you can click on the various venues around you to find out what’s happing there right now.

Various animated 3D elements can be included, such as pedestrian routes, indicated by a flow of pedestrians walking through the grounds, bus or tram routes featuring a tram or bus driving the route through the augmented reality festival, as well as other festival highlights, such as stages, vendors, searchlights, restrooms, lost and found, medical facilities, etc. All are presented in 3D for instant recognition and spatial clarity.